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The Spec Ops of Project Management.

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Who We Are
A project leadership firm.

Known as The Spec Ops of Project Management, we provide targeted, specialized services for project enablement and execution.

Our mission is simple:

To tackle project challenges
that no one else can.

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Spec OPS Services
Timely. Agile. Specialized.

A Spec Ops approach to project, change, and leadership needs.


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The Mavendog Standard

Experts with the intangibles to lead and ensure a successful project outcome.


Practice Areas
Our Spec Ops service model.

With each Mavendog, you get the expertise of his or her Practice Area, and the backing of our entire firm.

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Become a mavendog
Versatile problem solvers. Tacticians. Strategists.

A destination company for top project and change leaders, analysts, and leadership trainers.

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