+ You can't find results-oriented project leaders

Mavendog is built on a senior staffing model that provides accomplished, results-oriented portfolio, program, and project leaders. Over the years, there has been movement away from such strong-matrixed consulting models. Our company seeks out these forgotten mavens in project management leadership.

+ You have an urgent and/or sensitive Delivery Need

Even within an established PMO, there are projects that are too urgent, sensitive, or irregular for traditional project management staff. Mavendog advocates using tactical specialists with an expertise in unique project domains or situations (e.g., expedited projects; high risk initiatives; product and service deliveries that are new to the organization; project delivery during a time of company destabilization, such as divestitures, mergers, re-orgs; etc.). Mavendog gives clients the tactical versatility they need.

+ You need strategic project portfolio help and road-mapping

Mavendog provides experienced strategists to help break down strategic initiatives into component programs and projects. We then help organizations outline, prioritize, and road map those projects across a target time horizon.

+ You face a failing project

Mavendog specializes in project recovery and rehabilitation services for failing projects. Project delivery environments today are complex and risky, and failure is far more likely (as The Standish Group reminds us in their annual Chaos Report). Companies are resource-constrained; have shoe-string budgets; operate with dispersed, globalized delivery personnel; and so on. And if you have a failing project, then it requires more than a traditional PM. After all, project failures are not about management. They are surgical operations, and you need someone with the methodology, experience, precision, discipline, and outright fortitude to resolve the crisis.

+ You Struggle with Project Management Office (PMO) Maturity

Mavendog is perfect for clients operating without a Project Mavendog is perfect for clients operating without a Project Management Office (PMO) or with a young and immature one. Every company starts with limited project management capabilities and no institutionalized processes. Thus, they rely on the individual heroics of select personnel. And that is fine, as long as you have project leaders who know what they are doing.

+ You aren't getting good, in-depth business and market intel

Mavendog provides senior analysts for targeted investigative and intelligence needs — root cause analysis; risk and issue assessments (especially controversial ones); vendor analysis, selection, and performance; team and departmental readiness; ROI evaluations; and the list goes on. Clients also leverage them to help determine what needs, situations, and predicaments are grounds for a new project.

+ You are a new, growing company

Mavendog is great for those on a high growth path. Facing critical projects with rapid time-to-market dependencies, these companies do not necessarily have the financial flexibility to bring in top project talent. They often gamble on cheaper staffing alternatives (if they can afford them at all). But Mavendog gravitates to small, mid-market, and entrepreneurial companies. And let’s be honest — their projects can be the most fun and rewarding, especially for the Mavendogs we have on staff who are nostalgic for the old wild west of project management.

+ You are bogged down by systemic change resistance

Mavendog's Change Management & Rehabilitation services help navigate and address the resistance that can bog down project deployments and organization strategies. Whatever the reason, change efforts often are improvised. As a result, the organization may experience difficulties with implementation, acceptance, and institutionalization. The workforce itself is often victimized by the "tyranny of the urgent" without proper time to cope and adapt. Mavendog brings a systematic application of change, helping both managers and employees alike.

+ You are Hampered by Stagnant leadership development

Mavendog provides Organizational Development, Leadership and employee training, and coaching. Mavendog tailors workshops and coaching sessions with the desire for not only organizational change, but also sustained team/employee engagement and productivity. We design training workshops for mastering new skills and creating positive behavioral habits. These training workshops are rehabilitative exercises as well, as often we are dealing with behavioral resistance that may have nothing to do with the changes that an organization is trying to achieve.