"The tacticians of project management."

"The tacticians of project management."

Unilateral Project Management (UPM)

For projects that are overlooked, spike in priority, or are of executive interest. These project managers can work outside operational channels to expedite and deliver.

Unilateral Project Management is a Mavendog concept for projects that are unusual, aggressive, and/or sensitive. UPM engagements are commonly handled by a more independent project manager operating with a small, hand-picked team. This project manager reports directly to a select executive. Those who specialize in UPM are known for their ingenuity and diplomatic discretion. Services can include:



Fast-track projects or project components that have spiked in priority. Such projects are often driven by market pressures to deliver sooner than expected.


Drive projects of special interest to an executive. Especially useful for when the organization is delivering net-new products and services.


Lead projects that must remain secret until complete. These initiatives can be common for company re-orgs, mergers, divestitures, and so on.