"The medics of project management."

"The medics of project management."

Project Recovery Services (PRS)

For challenged or failing projects, we provide a path to recovery, as well as project leaders with the experience, methodology, and leadership intangibles to rescue and recover them. 

There is a cold reality when a project has almost failed. Scope, schedule, cost, and quality are often compromised for the sake of project survival. Success is the ability to overcome the compromises and still delivery something of value.

Project Recovery Services are led by project managers who specialize in salvaging failing projects. Services include:


Plot the treatment plan and roadmap for recovery. This service has diplomatic expectations, as our recovery specialists negotiate trade-offs and set new baselines of success. Recovery specialists work hand-in-hand with Change Management & Rehab (CMR) to account for team, organization, and customer buy-in.


Execute the treatment plan through 'Direct Action' involvement -- Serve as the new or replacement project lead and sponsor liaison. Recovery specialists are expected not only to recover the project, but also to drive the project closure.


Execute the treatment plan through 'Indirect Action' involvement -- Shadow and guide the project team (and project manager) already in place. This recovery specialist can help the team get back to 'green' status, or be a resource through project close.