Project Management Skill Assessment Program (PMSAP™)

Are your project managers and sponsors ready to lead your projects through to implementation?

How many of your project leaders:

  • Can translate strategy in a way that the downstream workforce gets it?

  • Strike a balance between "task master" and interpersonal skills?

  • Know the Situational Leadership challenges unique to your environment?

  • Are actively developing their project management competencies?

  • Can effectively represent sponsors and lead teams through change?

  • Can mold teams that have low trust, different drivers, and silo mentalities?

  • Are aware of the triggers that erode stakeholder buy-in throughout the organization?

  • Can negotiate and align a realistic project plan with stakeholders?


Our assessment and training programs are an invaluable experience for participants and are a useful tool for managers. They are effective, efficient, and accurate. We regularly cross paths with people who still remember the experience after ten years.
— Tom Fehlman, Principal

+ Overview

Even when your organization has the proper funding, resources, and buy-in for a project, your project leaders may not be entirely ready to deliver. This Program is the ultimate kick-start to your annual project portfolio and a proverbial training camp for your delivery leaders. Delivered in a two-on-one format (two assessors to one participant), this is a focused, intense, individualized Program.

Led by our Principal, Tom Fehlman, Mavendog tailors the Program to your unique teams, needs, and interests. But in general, it includes:

  • Psychometric evals of management strengths and emotional intellgence
  • Walk-throughs of common leadership challenges
  • Org-specific simulations (role-plays) of leadership challenges
  • Developmental strategies and roadmaps
  • Ongoing follow-ups and coaching throughout the year

To be clear: The PMSAP™ is NOT about assessing and training project leaders on their knowledge of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). It is NOT about prepping a project manager for their PMP certification. It is about putting experienced professionals through real-world project scenarios and challenges, especially the ones that are unique to your organization. The PMSAP™ is about active skills application. Not passive classroom theory.

+ Who Should Take advantage of the Program

The Program is geared to a wide variety of stakeholders:

Project Managers | Program Managers | Sponsors & Business Owners | Analysts | Solution Managers | Portfolio Managers | PMO personnel | Process Leads | Enterprise, Solution, & System Architects

In the case of Sponsors & Business Owners, we find that many are not as experienced with project disciplines and related leaders. The Program helps them better understand their role; get more from their project management leaders; and provides a compelling forum for setting expectations for success.

+ Approach and Topics Covered

1. Skill Competencies: We work with the management team to tailor the Program (i.e., what tangible and intangible skills are most valued to the organization). Skill Competencies are selected from the widely recognized Lominger© Competencies, which include but not limited to:

Coaching | Communication | Conflict Management | Customer Focus | Political Savvy | Stakeholder Relationships | Vision & Purpose | Situational Flexibility | Team Building

2. Skill Simulations: Mavendog works with your management to understand the common leadership challenges of your organization and reflect them in our simulations. They form the basis for our development recommendations.

3. Psychometric Eval: A Psychometric instrument (MAT©) supports the simulations. This instrument offers a basis of feedback, both to the participant, and to the organization. Dimensions include:

Interpersonal Effectiveness | Performance Orientation & Drive | Influences Others | Problem Solving | Stress Management | Self Confidence | Delegation

4. Simulation Execution: This is a very intense learning experience for the participants. Simulations are comprised of seven-to-ten, job-specific critical incidents. Participants demonstrate the degrees of their mastery in the interpersonal skill dimensions (as determined by management).

5. Individual/Manager Face-to-Face Feedback Sessions: Participants and managers are provided detailed face-to-face feedback by two assessors. They receive a development plan based on both participant performance in the Skill Simulations and the results of the Psychometric eval.

+ Long-term, development growth

This last step is the most critical to our Program and is where the process pays off for the organization. There should be accountability on both sides -- managers and participants alike -- to achieve the skills improvements. Once the program is complete, managers are encouraged to support the development plans and actively work with their resources. Mavendog also supports this evolution by following up on the progress of each participant on their six month anniversaries of the PMSAP™.

+ What Participants Get

  • Participant workbook/guide
  • Targeted questionnaire and personalized results (MAT©)
  • Formal evaluation from two dedicated assessors -- one BLI assessor and one Project Management Institute (PMI) certified professional
  • Customized simulations (role-plays) around critical scenarios
  • Coaching throughout the simulations
  • Individual feedback to the participant and respective manager
  • Developmental strategy and roadmap for the participant
  • Certificate of course completion

+ Benefits

  • Helps identify critical performance criteria
  • Leads to targeted, individualized developmental plans
  • Provides a coaching “roadmap” for developing subordinates
  • Increases ability of matching skills with tasks
  • Provides sponsors with a map of roles and responsibilities
  • Flags common pitfalls to avoid
  • Creates real-time awareness and humbling learning experiences
  • Generates "tools" and habits for a changing and shifting culture
  • Improves competency and awareness around strategic context, critical path, urgency change control, team/cultural diversity, compliance, and more
  • Reduces financial and legal risk to organizations

+ PDUs and SEUs

Attendees are eligible to apply for:

  • Professional Development Units (PDUs) toward their continuing education requirements with the Project Management Institute (PMI) for PMP, PgMP, and PMI-ACP certifications.
  • Scrum Education Units (SEUs) under category C toward earning or renewing their CSP through Scrum Alliance.

+ Our Assessors

All assessors must pass strict BLI training and certification program and must be re-certified every 24 months. At the end of each program, participants are asked to grade each assessor as to clarity, objectivity, knowledge, helpfulness, professionalism, coaching skills, and an overall rating. If an assessor fails to meet BLI standards of 85% overall, then the assessor is removed from the process until re-certification.

Have questions about or interest in the PMSAP™?