My company vision formed out of the years of dedicated service where I built my career managing projects that did not fit the mold. I often dealt with challenged projects that had no pre-set script for delivery success. Through these experiences, I recognized the need for a new kind of project management service grounded in old-school leadership, grit, and specialization —hence the tagline that is so representative of our firm, ‘The Spec Ops of Project Management.’

With a delivery model that is more tactical, Mavendog’s mission is to get into the problem, cut the Gordian Knot, and then get out of your way. Our services are not intended to provide some long-term, strategic vision; or to implement a new methodology; or to build a Project Management Office (PMO); or even to nest a governing body of consultants into your organization. It’s about giving our clients wins.
— Jon Vordermark, Mavendog Founder