Press Release: Mavendog forms partnership with Bottom Line, Inc.

Tom Fehlman, President of Bottom Line, Inc.

Tom Fehlman, President of Bottom Line, Inc.

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CHARLOTTE, North Carolina—September 5, 2017—Mavendog today announced the formation of a new partnership with Bottom Line, Inc. Led by Tom Fehlman, Bottom Line works with Mavendog to provide leadership training; individual assessments (including project manager assessments); management/labor partnering; Train the Trainer; and Employee Analytical Method Training. Some of Bottom Line's clients include the Dept. of Energy, Siemens, Black and Decker, Duke Energy, among many others.

Bottom Line, Inc. brings a unique product asset for leadership development services. For companies that gravitate to strong-matrixed project environments with weighty leadership expectations, Mavendog and Bottom Line recommend these services. "It focuses on the individual project leaders that customers have in-house and the teams that need to be built around them," said Tom Fehlman, President of Bottom Line. "By building upon their capabilities and grit, the program instills the mindset and habits that are necessary for leadership roles with high authority and accountability."

"I'm thrilled about this partnership," said Jon Vordermark, Mavendog Managing Director. "Our collaborative program teaches our customers how to fish, rather than them having to rely on Mavendog Consulting for the long term. After all, I refuse to build a consulting company that bores itself into an organization and stays indefinitely. With Bottom Line at our side, we can offer our customers the opportunity to mold the kind of project resources they need to be successful on their own."

Bottom Line, Inc. also bolsters Mavendog's Organizational Development Services (ODS) practice area. Under the strategic goal of customer adoption, Bottom Line specializes in making major changes stick. They ensure that the goals of a project (or even of a Project and Business Management Office) are properly propagated, instilled, and accepted across an organization, customer base, and market. 

Finally, Bottom Line is an invaluable resource for Project Recovery Services (PRS). Bottom Line, Inc. has been nationally recognized by the U.S. Government for their success in building trust between dysfunctional teams and jump-starting teams that have plateaued or are simply stuck on No-Go (a common reason for project stagnation and failure).

Mavendog, LLC is a management consulting operation that provides leadership in project management, change management, and business analysis. Mavendog is considered the "The Spec Ops of Project Management" — a delivery-driven company with specialized service lines like Project Management Command (PMC); Unilateral Project Management (UPM); Project Assessment Services (PAS); Project Recovery Services (PRS); Change Management and Rehabilitation (CMR); and Investigative Analysis (IA).

Jon Vordermark