Press Release: Mavendog forms partnership with Align 3 Consulting

Shannon Messing, Founder and Principal Consultant, Align 3 Consulting

Shannon Messing, Founder and Principal Consultant, Align 3 Consulting

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CHARLOTTE, North Carolina—July 11, 2017—Mavendog today announced the formation of a new partnership with Align 3 Consulting, a management consulting firm that helps customers evaluate and improve upon the three organizational pillars of people, process, and technology. Founded and managed by Shannon Messing, an industry expert in these three areas, Align 3 excels in Organizational Effectiveness, Lean manufacturing (or production), IT Strategy, and Project Management Office (PMO).

The partnership offers a strategic and operational consulting source for Mavendog customers. It also elevates the Mavendog mission by helping clients improve internal project operations and increase delivery percentages and quality. “Align 3 is the perfect complement to Mavendog,” said Jon Vordermark, Mavendog's Managing Director. “Although Mavendog has a long track record of delivering projects, what guarantees future project deliveries after Mavendog leaves? Align 3 identifies and promotes the elements that engender self-sufficient delivery success, repeatability, and maturity for the long term. Together, Align 3 and Mavendog are powerful change agents for our customers."

Messing concurred. "Mavendog is an ideal partner for Align 3. Their focus on immediate, tactical problems can help clear obstacles that stand in the way of long-term operational improvements and organizational growth. Regardless of the importance of continual improvement and change," said Messing, "it's hard for executives to slow down and be introspective about their company and operations when bogged down by short-term project priorities, especially when those projects are distressed. As a delivery expert, Mavendog can alleviate those project concerns, giving customers more time and focus for their operational and strategic goals. Also, in cases where Mavendog and Align 3 work in concert, they can be an excellent source of independent, objective insight into the client's project operations and culture. This input can feed and influence Align 3 recommendations."

Align 3 services include technology road-mapping and planning; continuous process improvement programs; organizational and environmental change; customization and implementation of project management frameworks (i.e., project management office modernization).

For more information about our partners or to become a partner, please contact us.

Mavendog, LLC is a management consulting operation that provides leadership in project management, change management, and business analysis. Mavendog is considered the "The Spec Ops of Project Management" — a delivery-driven company with specialized service lines like Project Management Command (PMC); Unilateral Project Management (UPM); Project Assessment Services (PAS); Project Recovery Services (PRS); Change Management and Rehabilitation (CMR); and Investigative Analysis (IA).


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