Press Release: Mavendog Expands Its Service Offerings to Include "Investigative Analysis"

IA 10.06.03 AM.jpeg

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina—February 21, 2017—Mavendog announced today that it will add a dedicated analytical arm to its service offerings called "Investigative Analysis", or "IA". IA is a senior-level consultative service with experts in market analysis, business planning, issue and risk analysis and mitigation; process design; and requirements planning. Most importantly, IA offers evaluations of a project's long term viability and Return On Investment (ROI).

"Analysis work requires a different focus, expertise, and personality type than project management," explained Jon Vordermark, Mavendog Managing Director and Founder. "With the exception of Project Assessment Services, where project managers determine causes of project failures, Mavendog does not have a stand-alone analysis source. IA now fills that gap. Not only does it help clients with various ad-hoc analytical needs, but IA also allows us to make a full, end-to-end determinations of project success. Project delivery and closure do not dictate the success of a project. Rather, 'Value Realization' does. With IA, Mavendog can now tout itself as a full-service project management consultancy."

Roger Hopper, Director of Recruiting weighed in via conference. [Roger is currently deployed overseas with his National Guard unit.]: "Growing this new IA practice will not be easy. Our selectivity and high expectations still apply. Not to be flippant, but for my Mavendog PM delivery recruits, I'm looking for James Bond, while for Mavendog IA analytical recruits, I'm looking for Sherlock Holmes."

Vordermark added:  "Mavendog is also fighting against the market perception that 'Business Analysis' is a junior role, or that project managers themselves should do the work. Hence the driver behind the 'Investigative' title. These aren't entry-level documentation resources. The service is reserved for senior resources with advanced education, training, and years of consultative experience."

Mavendog, LLC is a management consulting operation that provides leadership in project management, change management, and business analysis. Mavendog is considered the "The Spec Ops of Project Management" -- a delivery-driven company with specialized service lines like Project Management Command (PMC); Unilateral Project Management (UPM); Project Assessment Services (PAS); Project Recovery Services (PRS); Change Management and Rehabilitation (CMR); and now Investigative Analysis (IA).

Jon Vordermark