Press Release: Mavendog Engages Diedrich Creative to Spearhead Re-Branding Efforts


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina—February 13, 2017—Mavendog announced today a re-branding effort, including changes to its company logo. Part of the changes is the adoption of "The Spec Ops of Project Management" — a tagline now central to its brand. To achieve its re-branding goals, Mavendog contracted local graphic designer and brand consultant Kimberly Diedrich.

Jon Vordermark, Managing Director and Founder, outlined four brand goals:

  • Specialized Services:  Reflect the specialized nature of both our staff and service offerings.
  • Themes of Urgency:  Symbolize the operational urgency we employ to "get projects done".
  • Themes of Heroism:  Create a sense of heroism and recovery for clients facing challenged projects.
  • High Employment Brand:  Attract elite personnel to be part of the Mavendog mission.

Mavendog engaged Diedrich because of her background in brand positioning and theory. "Kimberly interprets our goals in the right way and captures the subtle messaging we wanted to achieve," said Vordermark.

"Mavendog is clearly different from its competitors, " said Deidrich. "Therefore I am designing the new logo as an insignia/badge to create a distinguishing mark. It has allusions to a military rank or elite division, but at the same time conveys business-oriented professionalism, albeit an unconventional way." Vordermark agreed based on the first proof of concepts. “She is definitely hitting it out of the park. The re-branding coincides with the firm’s effort to illustrate core differences between Mavendog and conventional consulting and staffing. I cannot wait to introduce it to the market."

Mavendog will launch its new brand on May 1, 2017.

Mavendog, LLC is a management consulting operation that provides leadership in project management, change management, and business analysis. Mavendog is considered the "The Spec Ops of Project Management" -- a delivery-driven company with specialized service lines like Project Management Command (PMC); Unilateral Project Management (UPM); Project Assessment Services (PAS); Project Recovery Services (PRS); and Change Management and Rehabilitation (CMR).

Jon Vordermark