Press Release: Mavendog Welcomes Home Roger Hopper from Active Duty Deployment

Roger Hopper, Director of Recruiting and Human Resources, Mavendog, LLC

Roger Hopper, Director of Recruiting and Human Resources, Mavendog, LLC

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina—March 31, 2017—Mavendog today announced the homecoming of Roger Hopper, our Director of Recruitment and HR. Hopper is a National Guard, Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Judge Advocate Generals’ Corps. He and his Virginia Army National Guard unit have recently returned from active duty in Southwest Asia. During his deployment, Roger worked on the military justice, fiscal law, administrative law, and the customer support operations for his Area Support Group’s legal office. 

“It is wonderful to be returning to the Mavendog team. This is definitely one of those teams a guy like me wants to want to be on. It is always nice playing for varsity! I’m truly blessed to have this opportunity, and am humbled by Jon’s continued trust in me as a member of a strong and confident leadership team. We can’t wait to see the success of his vision for this business. I am also excited to introduce Mavendog to new recruits. We are going to be a dynamic force within the marketplace, and it is my mission to grow one consultant at a time."

“I am deeply proud of Roger and his overseas service, and our Mavendog team is glad to have him safely home,” said Jon Vordermark, Mavendog Managing Director. “We've missed him mightily. Roger is an integral part of executing our vision, so having him back to lead our recruitment division is inspiring to everyone. He has that sixth sense for finding those with not only the right experience, but also the right personality and fit for our engagements.”

Hopper will officially return to his Mavendog duties on April 11. He will be working alongside Elizabeth Condrick, Director of Business Development, to match Mavendog resources to client needs.

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Jon Vordermark