Press Release: Mavendog forms partnership with North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME)


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina—September 22, 2017—Mavendog today announced the formation of a new partnership with North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME). NC4ME is a comprehensive public-private partnership designed “to make North Carolina the number one state for military employment.” Military employment is a key part of Mavendog's recruiting strategy. And as a Mavendog partner, NC4ME is an invaluable resource for helping find such leaders and consultant staff.

With the help of NC4ME leaders such as Stuart Ruffin and James Simpson, Mavendog has been able to find top tier consultants in the project management, analysis, and change management space. "These men and women bring so much to the table with intangibles that suit the kind of projects and customers we engage," said Roger Hopper, Director of Recruiting. "The work we do is very mission-centric and sometimes demands a 'see the hill, take the hill' ethos. Their military background translates well into Mavendog project work."

As described on their website, NC4ME serves as a perfect complement to the vast number of programs currently preparing veterans for civilian employment and gives a much needed boost to military job seekers in North Carolina. "It is an outstanding program," said Elizabeth Condrick, Business Development Director. "It bolsters not only our North Carolina sales pursuits, but our global reach as well. Military candidates are incredibly versatile. They are also more likely to take on global project assignments, which some clients have difficulty covering. Manufacturing clients, for example, that have operations from Canada to Australia, love that we hire consultants with that kind of travel flexibility."

Mavendog hopes to find and sponsor similar programs throughout the US, and encourages fellow consulting companies in the marketplace to do the same.

For more information about our partners or to become a partner, please contact us.

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Jon Vordermark