Stephanie Lawson Brooks


Stephanie is a Principal Consultant and Practice Area Lead of the Investigative Analysis Services (IAS) practice. As Practice Area Lead, she is not only the lead consultant and thought leader of Mavendog-IAS methodology development and execution, but also a coach and mentor to fellow IAS consultants. Stephanie is a professional and academic leader in competitive intelligence; custom survey design; statistical analysis; data reporting and dashboards; and custom modeling. Our founder elevated her to Principal because of how she integrates market analysis with project management. Through this integration, she creates an unbiased representation of project value in a fluid marketplace. It is an approach that accounts for both qualitative and quantitative variables. As a result, it helps customers avoid false assumptions and one-dimensional perspectives when justifying project initiatives (project portfolio management) and/or evaluating Return on Investment (ROI) (post-delivery). In short, Stephanie's approach reinforces Mavendog-IAS philosophy.

Stephanie earned a B.A. in Communication, and an MBA and Ph.D. in Business from Florida State University. She has taught Marketing for almost 10 years and is currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing for Winthrop University. Her research interests include the sharing economy, with marketing research of such companies as Netflix, Uber, and AirBnB (research published in the Journal of Business Research). Prior to her academic career, Stephanie provided consulting, marketing management and competitive research for 10 years. Her clients spanned transportation, retail, and healthcare companies (some of which are Fortune 100). Stephanie lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Jon and their daughter.