Market Analyst (Investigative Analysis)

Mavendog, LLC is in need of skilled Market Analysts. They are an integral part of the Investigative Analysis Services (IAS) division. Candidates must be highly experienced in business planning, market, and impact analysis. IA work is often on-demand, a short-term evaluations and reports for executives or department heads. Such evaluations are pre and post delivery (for example, the evaluation of a project's long-term viability and Return On Investment (ROI) in context with the client’s overall program and corporate strategy).


  • Lead and draft target analysis and reporting of a problem set (market analysis, SWOT analysis).
  • Confirm original strategy, requirements, and priorities behind deliverable.
  • Create and maintain open lines of communication among all project/programs primaries.
  • Support Mavendog strategic road-mapping initiatives as needed.
  • Deliver high-quality presentations/briefs for client management and other project sponsors.
  • Work with sales and Practice Area Leadership on proposals and contracts.
  • Support Mavendog with thought leadership, case studies, and white papers.
  • Employee management, development, and oversight (primarily for division managers/Practice Area Leads).


  • Four Year Degree AND 7+ years of analytical and research experience in business, marketing, or technology.
  • Must have prior experience delivering detailed deliverables in a client environment.
  • Experience in both qualitative and quantitative methods, with data and statistical analysis.
  • Can digest and synthesize difficult, nuanced aspects of business or technical problems.
  • Diverse expertise in a variety of market domains and client types; OR
  • Specialized, deep expertise in one domain/field or industry.
  • Thorough journalistic and investigatory skills.
  • Decision-making, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.
  • Exceptional written, verbal communication, and presentation skills.
  • Self-sufficient; can work independently with minimal supervision.


  • Graduate degree (Masters and/or PhD.) in business or marketing fields.
  • Consulting background.
  • Project-related work experience.
Jon Vordermark