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Roger is the Managing Director for Mavendog's Midwest operations. Based in Hudson, OH, our our Midwest office is strategically positioned between Cleveland and Akron, OH. He has responsibility for supports our markets in Ohio, Michigan, and western Pennsylvania. Hopper focuses on growing the Mavendog presence there and supporting clients in this rapidly growing region. Roger was originally Mavendog's Director of Recruiting and HR. 

A soldier in the Army National Guard, Roger has worked in both a legal operations and personnel capacity. Roger holds a Masters degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. Together with his experience in the military, and in the private sector, Roger has a skill-set that has been particularly helpful in the methodology development of Mavendog’s Project Recovery Services and Investigative Analysis (for example, vulnerability analysis; strategic planning and management; institutional leadership and coordination). His background gives him a unique eye for potential candidates who have the grit, temperament, and dedication to handle the tough challenges of a Mavendog project.

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Roger now lives in Hudson, Ohio area with his wife and two boys.