"The counselors of project management."

"The counselors of project management."

Change Management & Rehab (CMR)

Mavendog integrates change enablement, change management, organizational design, and organizational development into project delivery services.

We see change management as the 'other side of the project management coin'. We weave together these services throughout project efforts, which improve quality and long-lasting success of our clients' endeavors.

CMR is universal in its application -- so it doesn't matter what the change is (whether a new technical application, business process, ownership transition). The challenges and techniques are the same.

Grounded in Dr. John Kotter's 8-step model, our Change Management services are beneficial to all engagements:


Addresses the people side of projects by reducing and managing resistance to change. Projects are the embodiment of an organizational change – something new, different, untested, and unknown. This service entails engendering acceptance of those changes all the way down to the individual user.


Rehabilitate failing projects and rattled stakeholders. CMR works hand-in-hand with Project Recovery Services (PRS), ensuring not only delivery of a failing project, but also team, organization, and customer buy-in. Our specialists play an active hand in creating the proper treatment plan and roadmap for project recovery. 


Design new workflows, procedures, and systems to support project goals. We then pivot from process to performance, helping teams master new skills and create positive behavioral habits. Products include our PMSAP™ assessment program; management-labor partnering; Train-the-Trainer; and Employee Analytical Method Training workshops.